Being Intentional by Matthew Wong

I've had questions asked about: "What I should do next?" 

This is just a quick post for me to flesh out some ideas that I have in regards to stages of development of a photographer or an enthusiast. Lets assume that for all intents and purposes, you know how to use a camera and already have an interest in at least one type of photography. The question becomes: How to pursue it further? The answer is twofold. Firstly, some examples of possible answers would be going to school, interning, buying new equipment, marketing, etc... All of those are great options but, at the root of it you need to ask yourself why.  Expending efforts, time, and resources should have a reason, no? Unfortunately, there is no universal answer. Everyone is at different stages but, with a finish line or end goal in mind it becomes a lot easier to take the next step. It also becomes a lot easier for others to help you. Secondly, you just have to do it. You don't get far unless you go far. This holds true with any pursuit not just photography, put in the work and you will be rewarded.